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org::w3c::dom::html::HTMLAnchorElement Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::w3c::dom::html::HTMLAnchorElement:

org::w3c::dom::html::HTMLElement org::w3c::dom::Element org::w3c::dom::Node

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Detailed Description

The anchor element. See the A element definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 15 of file HTMLAnchorElement.java.

Public Member Functions

Node appendChild (Node newChild) throws DOMException
void blur ()
Node cloneNode (boolean deep)
void focus ()
String getAccessKey ()
String getAttribute (String name)
Attr getAttributeNode (String name)
NamedNodeMap getAttributes ()
String getCharset ()
NodeList getChildNodes ()
String getClassName ()
String getCoords ()
String getDir ()
NodeList getElementsByTagName (String name)
Node getFirstChild ()
String getHref ()
String getHreflang ()
String getId ()
String getLang ()
Node getLastChild ()
String getName ()
Node getNextSibling ()
String getNodeName ()
short getNodeType ()
String getNodeValue () throws DOMException
Document getOwnerDocument ()
Node getParentNode ()
Node getPreviousSibling ()
String getRel ()
String getRev ()
String getShape ()
int getTabIndex ()
String getTagName ()
String getTarget ()
String getTitle ()
String getType ()
boolean hasChildNodes ()
Node insertBefore (Node newChild, Node refChild) throws DOMException
void normalize ()
void removeAttribute (String name) throws DOMException
Attr removeAttributeNode (Attr oldAttr) throws DOMException
Node removeChild (Node oldChild) throws DOMException
Node replaceChild (Node newChild, Node oldChild) throws DOMException
void setAccessKey (String accessKey)
void setAttribute (String name, String value) throws DOMException
Attr setAttributeNode (Attr newAttr) throws DOMException
void setCharset (String charset)
void setClassName (String className)
void setCoords (String coords)
void setDir (String dir)
void setHref (String href)
void setHreflang (String hreflang)
void setId (String id)
void setLang (String lang)
void setName (String name)
void setNodeValue (String nodeValue) throws DOMException
void setRel (String rel)
void setRev (String rev)
void setShape (String shape)
void setTabIndex (int tabIndex)
void setTarget (String target)
void setTitle (String title)
void setType (String type)

Static Public Attributes

static final short ATTRIBUTE_NODE = 2
static final short CDATA_SECTION_NODE = 4
static final short COMMENT_NODE = 8
static final short DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE = 11
static final short DOCUMENT_NODE = 9
static final short DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE = 10
static final short ELEMENT_NODE = 1
static final short ENTITY_NODE = 6
static final short ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE = 5
static final short NOTATION_NODE = 12
static final short PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE = 7
static final short TEXT_NODE = 3

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